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In this part of my website I would like to share some experience with analog film material. For me analog photography has still something magic. The trial-and-error principle doesn't work. You can't take some 20 shots of every photo subject, select the best and delete the rest. You really have to focus on the subject before shooting in the right moment from the best possible position. Maybe a second or third shot from another position or with a different exposure, that's it. Instead of judging each photo on the backside LCD, experience guides you to the perfect photo. This is one of the most important differences to digital photography. Another one is the fact that with exposing film you create a real picture. Not only a file of bits and bytes, which has to be again and again reassembled to a picture by a computer program. I am curious to see, how much of our digitally photographed era will survive.

Although my heart beats analog, I do digital photography as well. For any commercial job with the goal to get paid at the end by a satisfied customer I use my DSLR. Production costs are lower, manipulation of the photos is much easier and the workflow is more efficient. But also for scuba diving the advantages of digital vs analog are unbeatable in terms of handling and possibilities (photo, video, flash, macro - all on the same dive).